Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

ESBA Welcomes New Member from Moldova to Strengthen SME Advocacy

ESBA President, David Caro & Liliana Busuioc, Executive Director of the Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova

The European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) is thrilled to announce the addition of theAlliance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from Moldova (AIM) as its newest member. This significant expansion into Moldova marks a strategic step forward in ESBA’s mission tobolster the interests of small and micro businesses across Europe and neighbouring regions.

AIM is a non-governmental, membership-based business association dedicated to theadvancement and protection of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Republic of Moldova. Through networking, advocacy, resourcing, and various initiatives, AIM brings together SMEs to foster an environment conducive to growth and prosperity. This alliance isdriven by a shared commitment to fair, honest, and transparent business practices, adhering to the laws and regulations of Moldova.

The mission of AIM aligns perfectly with ESBA’s objectives to support and advocate for SMEs.AIM seeks to create a clear and understandable business-legal environment in Moldova,
promoting economic growth and investment. This vision resonates with ESBA’s broader goals of enhancing the business climate for SMEs throughout Europe.

As Moldova prepares for accession to the European Union, the partnership between ESBA and AIM becomes even more pivotal. Together, both organizations will work to advance the interests of small and micro businesses, ensuring that they are well-represented andsupported during this critical transition phase. The collaboration will focus on sharing best practices, advocating for SME-friendly policies, and facilitating the integration of Moldovan businesses into the broader European market.