Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

ESBA appoints new Secretary General

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Cave, a highly respected policy communicator and seasoned campaigner, as our new Secretary General. Based in Brussels, Andrew brings a breadth of experience in communications, policy, and governmental relations. His previous leadership roles at the Federation of Small Businesses in Brussels and the UK, combined with his experience as a chief spokesperson and EU business columnist, will strengthen ESBA’s ability to represent our member’s interests in Brussels.

During the Global Financial Crisis, Andrew led a series of high-impact campaigns that revitalised bank lending to small businesses. His grassroots campaign initiatives helped countless SMEs reduce their business rates and enabled easier hiring processes for new employees.

Andrew’s track record for working closely with regulators and policy experts to find innovative solutions will be critically important in the months and years to come.

Andrew has worked in Brussels over the years on significant Directives and regulations, including his advocacy for the Services Directive, which earned him recognition in the European Parliament and Commission.

More recently, he led the European communications for Philip Morris International, contributing to its strategic shift away from cigarettes.

David Caro, ESBA President said:

“With his new appointment, Andrew’s primary focus will be on strengthening the link between small businesses in our member states and Brussels-based policymakers. I  am confident that Andrew’s experience and leadership in SME policy will enhance our mission to represent and support small businesses throughout Europe. Andrew will be reaching out to you soon.”