Monday, January 23rd, 2023

“Developing Advocacy and Representation Skills”


Despite the WEGate Project having reached its end last year, with the WEGate Summit 2022 and the following High-Level Dinner organized by ESBA, our community doesn’t stop creating new opportunities and activities for women entrepreneurs. The WEgate Training workshop on “Developing Advocacy and Representation Skills” was held online on January 13th 2023.
On this occasion, more than 15 participants representing women’s entrepreneurship organizations from across Europe, had the opportunity to learn from the distinguished trainer as well as from one another during the workshop sessions. The training workshop was designed to help WE support organizations to improve their public policy skills, with a focus on developing advocacy and representation skills. The sessions that followed concentrated on creating activities and messages, as well as planning, which always takes time, risks, and mitigation measures. The WEgate Training workshop provided an excellent opportunity for participants to work in groups to enrich their knowledge and interact in mixed groups. The end result was a first draft of a national/local advocacy and outreach plan that participants could use for their own purposes, specifically to support and mainstream their advocacy efforts.
WEGate workshops are interactive events, where participants will have the opportunity not only to learn but to network and expand their pool of collaborators, gain insight into the selection of tools so that they can transform their business.
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