The European Small Business Alliance is a non-party political
group, which cares for small business entrepreneurs and
the self-employed and represents them through targeted
EU advocacy and profiling activities.

Today, ESBA is one of the largest organisations based
on voluntary membership in Europe. Through its
direct membership, associate membership and
cooperation agreements, the Alliance now
represents almost one million small businesses
and covers 35 European countries.

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Latest News

ESBA Secretary General Patrick Gibbels speaks to CNBC about access to finance for SMEs.

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ESBA joins forces with SEAP for Annual Event 2014: TTIP

Arguably one of the most important deals for the European Union, a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the US is currently being negotiated, making the trans-A... Read More »

ESBA secretary-general Patrick Gibbels responds to latest ECB report

The latest ECB report on SME access to finance published on 30 April 2014 found an improvement in the availability of bank loans for SMEs among the largest Eurozone countries ... Read More »

Welcome by tina sommer, esba president

David Caro, ESBA President

Welcome to the website of the European Small Business Alliance. Founded in 1998, the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) is a non-party political group which rep…

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