COVID-19: Business in Focus podcast series by PWC

Explore the latest developments and practical advice to help keep your business resilient. PWC podcast series invites industry experts to look at the steps businesses can take.

An Employer’s guide

Managing your workplace during COVID-19 by the international Labour Organisation.

Initiative around the world, New Zealand

The Government of New Zealand, who as you might have already know is amongst the best countries in managing the COVI-19 crisis has published some very all-encompassing guidelines you might want to take a look at.


How companies can reshape results and plan for a COVID-19 recovery


Report addresses, amongst others the issues of liquidity and supply chains.

Getting your workplace
ready for COVID-19
by the World Health Organisation

This document gives advice on:
1. Simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace
2. How to manage COVID-19 risks when organizing meetings & events
3. Things to consider when you and your employees travel
4. Getting your workplace ready in case COVID-19 arrives in your community

Deloitte’s reports
on COVID19

  • Addressing the financial impact of COVID-19-Working capital solutions for businesses with urgent cash needs’

  • ‘Addressing the financial impact of COVID-19, Credit solutions for companies with urgent cash needs’

  • ‘Addressing the impact for COVID-19, Crisis Management and resilience planning’

Europe Coronavirus
Resource Center
by FiscalNote

Dedicated page to Europe data, policy updates & news. In the new Europe Coronavirus Resource Center, you’ll find: Maps showing cases in Europe and around the world, FiscalNote latest EU dossiers covering actions taken by the EU Commission to address COVID-19 and a collection of news from trusted sources, filterable by topic and country. Funding support for impact startups and SMEs

Corona-Funding is a non-profit initiative to assist startups and SMEs, based in the UK, Germany and Denmark, dedicated to positive impact for People & Planet during the Coronavirus crisis.

How can we help small business affected by the COVID-19 crisis?- International Trade Centre

International Trade Center expert provide us with an insightful analysis of the threats SMEs face in the light of COVID-19 and suggest countermeasure for policymakers to react to the crisis.

COVID-19 requires gender-equal responses to save economies- UNCTAD

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not gender neutral, as it affects men and women differently. Therefore, we must not be gender blind in our responses to the pandemic, or else women will carry a disproportionately higher economic cost than men. Globally, women are more vulnerable to economic shocks wrought by crises such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19: What are the consequences for small and medium enterprises across Europe?-EURONEWS

The coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a disaster for small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe, particularly for those in the south and east of the bloc and their non-EU neighbours. Most EU countries have taken some form of measure to protect businesses from the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contributing to a global effort: SME Policy Reponses- OECD

Find out the policy responses that national governments are implementing to assists #SMEs in light of the rapid spread of COVID19.

From Our CEO: we will fight this pandemic together- UNILEVER

Great idea from UNILEVER that goes along the same line as ESBA’s PayIn7 campaign calling all public bodies at local, national and EU level across Europe to respond to the cash squeeze caused by the #COVID19 crisis. To help tackle this pandemic, UNILEVER is donating €100m of soap, sanitiser, bleach and food to emergency efforts; supporting vulnerable suppliers/customers with €500m of cash flow relief; and protecting their workforce from sudden drops in pay.