Saturday, October 9th, 2021

ESBA Annual meeting welcomes new Vice President

By Secretariat

At the ESBA Annual Meeting held on the 5th October, members welcomed Hrvoje Bujas (pictured above) , President of Glas poduzetnika of Croatia, to the Board as a Vice President of ESBA.
Hrvoje said ‘I am delighted and honoured to have been elected an ESBA Vice President at a recent ESBA Annual Meeting.
ESBA plays such a significant role in voicing the needs and protecting the interests of almost one million businesses across the EU, and we at Glas poduzetnika see this deepening of our partnership as crucial for all small entrepreneurs in Croatia, but also all around Europe, where we will continue to advocate for fairer laws and more favorable conditions for all European businesses.
As the President of an association that aspires to see a modern and competitive Europe, I hope that together we can work towards a European Union that is the world leader in the economic, as well as all other respects, to the benefit of EU’s small and medium-sized businesses and all EU citizens.
I look forward to working more closely with colleagues at ESBA and soon meeting them in Brussels to exchange ideas and best practices.’
At the same meeting, David Caro, was re-elected as President and welcomed Hrvoje Bujas to the Board and also Roee Cohen, LAHAV Israel who joined the Board.