ESBA Welcomes European Commission's Unitary Patent Proposals

April 13 2011

ESBA Welcomes the European Commission's proposals on unitary patent protection, as tabled today (13 April 2011). In a European Union where innovation is on the top of the agenda, well protected intellectual property is of the essence.

ESBA is pleased with the outcome of the Parliament's vote. The current legal environment makes filing for patents an extremely costly and burdensome exercise for the EU's smallest businesses, which are often forced to hire external experts and struggle with issues of translation. The proposal by the European Commission is a definite step in the right direction. ESBA trusts the Council and Parliament to adopt the proposals as they have shown their support in earlier stages. ESBA expresses hope that the remaining 2 Member States will in time join the Enhanced Cooperation Agreement to make the EU patent as inclusive as possible. ESBA strongly advises the Commission to insure an effective information campaign to go hand in hand with the new developments to ensure that European SMEs are aware of the changes and how to use them to their advantage.