ESBA Joins Lisbon Council's 'SME Advisory Council'

February 2 2012

On 31 January, ESBA participated in the first 'SME Advisory Council', organised by the Lisbon Council. The Council will provide input into a new and innovative centre of excellence, called the Single Market Entrepreneurs (SME) Centre.

The SME Centre was set up to enhance the visibility, recognise the importance and underline the transformational nature of entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

In the course of 2012, the SME Centre will undertake a number of significant activities including: publishing a cutting-edge research paper on entrepreneurship, featuring articles by prominent thought leaders; hosting the Annual Summit with VIP speakers, representatives of SMEs, business associations, policy makers and members of the press; convening High-Level Working Groups on issues of importance to SMEs.

Special guest at this first meeting was Malcolm Harbour, member of the European Parliament and chair of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection. Mr. Harbour is a member of the SME Centre's Advisory Council, and has pledged to support its activities and initiatives.

Chaired by the Lisbon Council's Ann Mettler, a fruitful discussion took place, addressing numerous SME related topics, following an informal 'think-tank approach'.